Congratulations Brett Kissel

Congratulations to our celebrity partner Brett Kissel, who won all three of the awards for which he was nominated at the Alberta Country Music Awards event held Jan. 27 in Red Deer. He took home the ACMA Male Artist of the Year, Album of the Year (for Started With a Song) and Single of the Year for the hit “3-2-1.”


Preparing for Winter Driving

Travelling during the winter months can present some significant challenges. Ice and snow-covered roads, reduced visibility and freezing temperatures can make driving difficult and even dangerous. With the holidays here, and many Canadians embarking on road trips to meet with family and friends, we would like to encourage travellers to drive with care. Here are some tips for making your winter drive as safe as possible:

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time
Know where you are going and what roads you are using before you head out. This will prevent you from struggling with maps or GPS while on the road. As much as possible, plan your route so that it uses main highways – they may not be faster, but they will be properly cleared and maintained.

Before you leave, check the road reports and make adjustments to your route as necessary. Leave a copy of your intended route with a friend or family member and call ahead to your destination with an approximate time of arrival.

Prepare an Emergency Car Kit
Transport Canada states that you should always have winter safety and emergency equipment in your car. A basic kit should contain the following:

  • Food that won’t spoil, such as energy bars,
  • Water – plastic bottles that won’t break if the water freezes (replace them every six months),
  • Blanket,
  • Extra clothing (including warm hats) and shoes or boots,
  • First aid kit with seatbelt cutter (or box cutter),
  • Small shovel, scraper and snowbrush,
  • Matches and several “survival” candles in a deep can (to warm hands, heat a drink, or use as an emergency light,
  • Wind-up flashlight,
  • Whistle – in case you need to attract attention, and
  • Roadmaps
  • Compass

In addition to an emergency car kit, Transport Canada recommends that you keep the following items in your trunk:

  • Shovel
  • Cloth or roll of paper towels
  • Sand, salt or cat litter (non-clumping),
  • Antifreeze and extra windshield washer fluid,
  • Tow chain,
  • Booster cables,
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Reflective vest, and
  • Warning light or road flares.

Have a wonderful holiday season and drive safe!



Holiday Driving Games

As the holiday season approaches, many families will be hitting the road to spend time with loved ones. Road trips, especially long ones, can be a challenge for families when it comes to entertaining little ones. Many games come with unwieldy boards and small pieces that are easily misplaced and lost in a moving vehicle. Here are some fun games that don’t require boards or pieces to entertain the whole family on the road:

Banana Game
This game is perfect for younger children as it doesn’t require much skill. The first person to spot a yellow vehicle on the road shouts “Banana” to earn points. Points can be decided on the size or rarity of the yellow vehicle. For example, a yellow bus could be worth 5 points while an antique yellow Volkswagon Beetle could be worth 10 points. The winner can be judged as the first to reach a predetermined number of points or whoever has the highest score once you reach your destination.

License Plate Word Game
Stuck in traffic? The License Plate Word game can entertain the whole car. One by one, each passenger in the car has to come up with a word using the letters in the license plate of the vehicle in front of you. Passengers are eliminated when they can’t come up with a word in a pre-allotted time or repeat a word that has already been used. For example, if the car in front of you has “TUC” in the license plate, words that can be used are “Truck,” “Cute,” “Chute,” etc.

An advanced version of this game requires players to only come up with words that feature the letters in the same order as on the license plate. Using our previous example, players could use words like “Touch,” “Stuck,” or “Truncate.”

20 Questions
20 Questions is a guessing game that is easy to play and fun for all ages. To play this game, have one person think of a person or object. The rest of the passengers then have to guess who or what that person is thinking of by asking no more than 20 “yes” or “no” questions. Passengers can take turns thinking of people or objects for others to guess.

For added variation, try applying a holiday theme to the people/objects that passengers have to guess. Examples include mistletoe, eggnog, Santa Claus, or even specific relatives that you are traveling to visit.

This is a great game to play with children as it encourages optimism and positive thought. Start the game by making an unfortunate statement. Passengers then have to come up with fortunate statements that demonstrate the silver lining of the unfortunate statement. For example, someone can start off by saying, “Unfortunately, the restaurant got my order wrong.” Responses to this could include, “Fortunately, I liked the dish that I got even better,” or “Fortunately, the service was excellent and they fixed it right away!”

Team Storytelling
Fun for a creative family, this road trip game involves crafting a story as a team. One passenger begins with an opening line like, “The Robinson’s were travelling to grandma’s house when, suddenly, they encountered…” From there, each person in the car can build and add to the story.

This can be an especially fun activity as, once you reach your destination, someone can write down the story and even include illustrations – making a fun holiday trip souvenir.

Choosing the Right Remote Car Starter

As the months start getting colder and the snow piles higher, some of us may start to think about finally installing a remote car starter. Stepping into a warm car when it’s -30°C outside is certainly more comfortable, but it is also better for your vehicle as well. Warming up your car prior to driving makes your engine oil more fluid –providing better lubrication once you are ready to go. However, with so many remote starters on the market, it can be hard to find the right one to fit your lifestyle and vehicle’s requirements. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to help you find a remote starter that is right for you:

Step 1: Review your warranty information

Check your vehicle warranty information.
This is always a good idea before installing any aftermarket equipment. If any damage is caused during the installation of the starter, or if the starter causes any problems with your vehicle’s electrical system – your dealership or car manufacturer may not honour the warranty in those areas.

Read the warranty on the remote starter system you are considering.
Many companies will guarantee the remote starter system for as long as you own your vehicle. However, the remote itself is rarely warranted for more than a year or two, so find out what the remote replacement cost will be.

Step 2: Select features that fit your lifestyle

Figure out the transmitter power that you need.
Range is not as important a factor as you might be led to believe. Not many people need to start their car from over 1000ft away. However, most drivers will want to start their vehicle from inside a building. This is where transmitter power comes into play.

Consider additional features you would like included.
Remote starters are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and, depending on the brand and model you choose, can do more than just start and stop your vehicle from a distance; they can also be programmed to:

  • Open/Lock your car,
  • Open your trunk,
  • Turn on headlights,
  • Turn on heated heats,
  • Turn on rear window defrost,
  • Operate windows/sun roof,
  • Monitor cabin temperature and control heating/air conditioning, and
  • Start your car at specific times.

Additional features also include:

  • Two way remote system – this notifies you when your car has started,
  • Car alarm, and
  • Panic button.

Step 3: Be Prepared to Pay for Quality

Select a remote starter system and brand that suit you and your vehicle.
When making your purchasing decision, go with a brand that specializes in remote car starters and select a model that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Some major brands on the market that perform well in consumer reviews include: Viper, Avital, Directed Electronics Inc., and Bulldog. If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, make sure that the remote starter system you are looking at is compatible.

There are some very intuitive remote starter systems available to consumers. Some models can be controlled through an app on your smartphone and allow you to program more than one vehicle into them – making them convenient for multi-car families. However, for the budget minded, there are more basic models that allow you to control your starter system through a fob on your key chain. It comes down to what you want, the features you want to include, and how much you are willing to spend.    

Check the safety features of your car starter.
A good remote starter should always have the following safety features:

  • A hood safety switch – this prevents the car from starting when the hood is up, allowing maintenance to be performed safely on your vehicle.
  • An RPM Sensor – on a cold day, your car might not start right away. Without an RPM sensor the remote starter system has no way of knowing that your vehicle has failed to start – resulting in you arriving to a cold car. Conversely, if the RPMs of your car are too high, the starter can turn off your car and prevent any damage to your vehicle.

Purchase and Install your remote car starter at a specialty shop.
Although it can be tempting to go for the “deal of the day” online, purchasing and installing your remote starter at a specialty shop can save you in the long run. Some shops will not install a remote car starter that has been purchased at another retail outlet or online. This may be more expensive; however, there are several good reasons to purchase your starter from a specialty shop. First, you are more likely to buy a quality product as the shop is less likely to carry a brand that causes issues for them. Secondly, a car starter is an electrical product and can fail. If your car starter fails, your installer could blame the product while your car starter’s manufacturer could blame the installation – leaving you caught in the middle with no recourse.

Doing it yourself may also seem more cost effective and some remote car starters even come with an installation video, however, cars now feature electrical and computer systems that are a lot more sophisticated. Self-installation only increases the risk of damaging your vehicle.


Best Managed Company now Canada’s 10 Most Admired Culture

What do you look for in an employer of choice? Canadians spend roughly 35% of their waking hours at work. This is a significant time commitment making it important to find an employer whose values and practices align with your own.

DRIVING FORCE, one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies 8 years in a row, has now been recognized as one Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures. At DRIVING FORCE, we understand the importance of culture and the effect it can have on our employees and, through our staff, on our customers. Even as we grow rapidly, we take care to not lose sight of our core values of integrity, respect, commitment and passion.

Our founder and president, Jeff Polovick, had this to say about the award, “Culture comes from all directions; from our employees and customer and suppliers. We strive to pay attention to what they need and what they say even when it might not benefit us over the short term. It’s that connectivity that ultimately fuels our success as both a vehicle supplier and an employer.”

We are currently looking for great people to help grow our company culture and business. Every new hire is an opportunity to strengthen our positive environment and go further in our mission to exceed our customer’s and our employee’s expectations.

To check out our employment opportunities, visit our career page at:

Fly YMM and Drive DF

The new Fort McMurray terminal was designed to whithstand the harsh northern climate and offers passengers a variety of amenities.

Situated on top of one of the largest oil reserves in the world, Fort McMurray is a region defined by growth and development. Since 2000, its population has grown by 125% and is expected to double again over the next two decades.  Increased labour demands attract workers from across Canada and all over the globe – adding to the region’s numbers. To accommodate the constant influx of people and goods, Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM) opened a new terminal on June 9, 2014.

DRIVING FORCE offers shuttle service to and from the airport.


YYM passengers can enjoy many amenities at the new terminal including free high-speed Wi-Fi, electrical and USB outlets in every seat,  a children’s play area and 16 food and beverage outlets including full service restaurants like Earl’s Kitchen and Bar and Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria.


Come see our friendly staff. We will get you into a reliable vehicle for the duration of your stay.




Built for the northern climate and environmental sustainability, the new terminal project was one of eleven winners of the 2013 Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence for embodying qualities of innovation and overall design excellence. The new terminal features bold and beautiful artwork from selected artists in Fort McMurray and Western Canada, large open spaces, and the largest mass exposed timber ceiling in North America.


DRIVING FORCE is thrilled to have a location in this one-of-a-kind terminal. If you are travelling to Fort McMurray, come say hi to our friendly staff! We can get you into a reliable vehicle during your stay.













Halloween Driving Tips

This weekend all the ghouls and goblins will be heading to the streets in search of sweet treats. Caught up in all the excitement, trick-or-treaters may forget the rules of the road, or have their vision impaired by masks, and be oblivious to potential hazards. This means that drivers have to be extra vigilant to ensure that all the little monsters make it back safely to their caves, castles and dens.  Here are some tips drivers can follow to help keep everyone safe:

  • Don’t use a cell phone while driving through residential neighbourhoods. While this is good rule for driving in general, it is especially true on Halloween where a moment’s distraction could cause you to miss a sudden development in front of your vehicle. Wait until you have stopped to use your mobile device.
  • Be patient. On Halloween, the odds of having a young child run out in front of your vehicle increase dramatically. Give yourself some extra reaction time by driving below the speed limit. Similarly, avoid passing other vehicles that have stopped on the roadway as they may be dropping off children.
  • Pay attention. Be aware of what is happening on the sidewalks and roadways around you. Watch out for groups of trick-or-treaters that might dart out into the street from between parked cars. Be extra alert while pulling out of driveways or pulling away from curbs. Do not assume that children can see you or are paying attention.
  • Communicate with other drivers. Always use your turn signals. If you are driving a group of children to go trick-or-treating, but staying in the running vehicle, be sure to put on your hazard lights when you are stopped.
  • Put the mask on later. If you are wearing a costume that comes with a mask, leave the mask off while you are driving as it could obstruct your vision.
  • Make sure your lights are working. While some parents dress up their kids in bright neon colours that are easy to make out in the dark, the majority of Halloween costumes consist of dark colours that make it hard to distinguish kids from their surroundings. Give yourself an extra edge by ensuring that all lights on your vehicle work and that your headlights are clean and free of dust and dirt.

If you have young ones dressing up and going out this Halloween weekend, there are some steps you can take to help your fellow motorists.

  • Make sure drivers can see your kids. Dress them in bright, reflective clothing or add reflective tape to their costumes. As an added measure you can give them flashlights or glow sticks to carry along with their goody bags.
  • Use Make-up over masks. This will give your child a clear unobstructed view of their surroundings.
  • Review road safety with your children. Remind your kids to look both ways before crossing a street and to only cross at corners or designated crosswalks.
  • Accompany your children as they trick or treat. Partner up with other parents and go in a larger group to increase your visibility. It’s a great way to have fun with your kids and ensure their safety at the same time. You might even get some candy out of the deal.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!

Fall Driving Tips

Wet leaves on the road can become slippery and make for unsafe driving conditions.

As the seasons change, so do road conditions. Falling leaves, fog, sun glare, increased precipitation and shorter days are all factors that drivers will be contending with as we head into the fall season. Here are a few tips to be safe and keep aware during this unpredictable season.

Watch out for Leaves. As pretty and colourful as leaves are, they can be dangerous. Wet leaves on the road can become slippery and make for unsafe driving conditions. Even when they are not wet, motorists should avoid parking over leaf piles as heat from your car’s exhaust or catalytic converter may be able to ignite a fire.

Keep your eyes open. As we head further into Fall, we have fewer daylight hours to play with. Before you know it, it will be dark as you head home from work. Reduced visibility during rush hour is a hazard to all motorists. Even if it is a route you are familiar with, pay close attention to surrounding motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and any animals that may cross your path. Don’t forget to turn your night time lights on if this is not an automatic feature for your car and ensure that your headlights are clean and free from dust and mud.

Keep sunglasses in your car. Sun glare can be a real nuisance for motorists as the sunrise begins to correspond with morning rush hour. Motorists in eastbound traffic can find themselves facing the sun directly for prolonged periods of time. This problem can reoccur for westbound motorists during sundown. To reduce the effects of sun glare, keep a pair of sunglasses in your car and don’t forget to use your sun visor. Give yourself extra time in the morning to prepare for any delays and ensure that your windshield is free of any condensation or frost before you leave.

Check your windshield wipers. Fall weather brings increased precipitation; rain, sleet, snowfall and even hail can dampen your driving experience and cause hazards as you commute. Check to make sure your windshields are in proper working order and replace them if they need to be. When it’s wet outside, avoid any sudden braking or steering movements to reduce your risk of hydroplaning. As always, if you feel it is unsafe to proceed in extreme weather conditions, find a safe place to pull over until it is safe to proceed again.

On behalf of DRIVING FORCE Vehicle Rentals, Sales and Leasing, have a safe and happy Fall Season.


Join our Team!

DRIVING FORCE is growing and we are looking for amazing people to add to our team.

Are you looking to pursue a career in the Canadian automotive industry? DRIVING FORCE could be your next employer!

With locations from coast to coast, including Edmonton, Leduc, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Saskatoon, Guelph, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Fort St. John, Vancouver (Langley), Terrace, Whitehorse, Iqaluit and Inuvik, DRIVING FORCE offers a fun and professional work environment in the vehicle rentals, sales and leasing industry.

We work together to uphold our DRIVING FORCE philosophy of exceeding customer expectations and our four core values: Commitment, Integrity, Respect and Passion.

Some current employment opportunities are:


For a complete list of current DRIVING FORCE job postings, a video about our company, and how to apply, check out our Careers page.

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DRIVING FORCE Sales Consultant Felix Robitaille (right) presents Geoff Callahan with a $100 cheque for referring a new customer to DRIVING FORCE.

With our Rev’n U customer referral program, you can earn cash for yourself or your favourite charity/non-profit organization. Go to and sign up today.

Once you have registered online, simply fill in the information about the individual(s) you are referring. If they purchase or lease a vehicle from DRIVING FORCE within six months, you will receive a $100 cheque for you or your favourite charity!

Earn cash for your son’s hockey team, your daughter’s gymnastics club or any other non-profit organization you choose. Our charitable donation option makes it easy for you to give to your favourite cause and get recognized for your contribution.

It pays to be a DRIVING FORCE customer.


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