Be Smart When Driving After Dark!


Driving in the dark poses a higher risk of getting involved in a car accident as your depth perception, ability to distinguish color, and peripheral vision are all worse in low-light conditions. Not to mention that drivers tend to be more tired at night. So what can you do to prevent a car accident after dark? Become a smart after dark driver.

Aim and Clean Your Headlights

Headlights are an important part of staying safe on the road in the dark. Make sure your headlights are even and aimed correctly. If aiming them yourself, take a look at your vehicle’s owner manual for instructions. They must be clean as any dirt will block the light and consider replacing the light bulbs if they aren’t as bright as they were when brand new.

Dim Your Interior Lights

Driving around with the dashboard lights on max can compromise your forward vision. Turn down those lights with your dashboard dimmer switch and ensure you don’t leave your overhead map light on while driving. The less distractions, the better.

Avoid Staring at Bright Lights

This may be easier said than done but try to avoid staring directly into the bright lights of oncoming vehicles as well as bright signs.  Also, if the vehicle behind you is blinding you with its high beams, try to move your rear-view mirror to reflect the light back to alert the driver and to get the reflection away from your eyes.

Don’t Be a Corey Hart

Definitely avoid wearing your sunglasses at night or any glasses if you don’t require them when driving. If you must drive with prescription glasses on, it’s a good idea to purchase ones with an anti-reflective coating, which stops light from bouncing around inside your lenses.

Keep Your Windshield Streak Free

Streaks on your windshield can cause glare at night. Don’t use your hand to wipe off dirt or mist on the inside of your windshield as the oil from your skin will smear and create a glare when light shines through the glass. Keep a cotton or microfiber cloth in your door pocket and/or use a newspaper to remove residue and polish the glass instead.


Join our Team!


DRIVING FORCE is growing and we are looking for outstanding people to add to our team.

Are you looking to pursue a career in the Canadian automotive industry? DRIVING FORCE could be your next employer!

With 18 locations throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon, including Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Saskatoon, Fort St. John, Vancouver (Langley), Terrace, Whitehorse, Iqaluit and Inuvik, DRIVING FORCE offers a fun and professional work environment in the vehicle rentals, sales and leasing industry.

One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for seven consecutive years, we work together to uphold our DRIVING FORCE philosophy of exceeding customer expectations.

Some current employment opportunities are:

Body Shop Painter –  Klondike Motors
Truck Body Technician – Hino Central Calgary
Detailer – Leduc
Sales Consultant – Whitehorse
Service Advisor – Hino Central Edmonton
Systems Administrator – Edmonton West
F&I, Sales and Leasing Assistant – Saskatoon

For a complete list of current DRIVING FORCE job postings, a video about our company, and how to apply, check out our Careers page.

All-Season Tires Vs. Winter Tires

When it comes to choosing tires for your vehicle, it is important to note that there is a big difference between how all-season tires and winter tires perform during our cold Canadian winters.

The following chart from Canadian Tire’s Winter Tire Buying Guide provides a great summary of these differences.

All-Season Tires

Winter Tires

  • Designed to provide a quiet ride and good performance under most conditions.
  • Designed with larger grooves and tread blocks to grip the road better and prevent sliding in snowy, icy or slushy conditions.
  • Treads feature broad contact with road surface with channels to divert water.
  • Tiny razor-like cuts in winter treads provide a good bite into ice and snow to help avoid sliding. Unidirectional, V-groove tires move slush and water out of the way.
  • All-season tires can start experiencing reduced traction at 7°C.
  • Winter tires maintain gripping power to -35°C.
  • Engineered with compounds to provide long wear on dry roads.
  • Engineered with compounds that maintain elasticity in lower temperatures for better traction.
  • Mud and Snow (M+S or M&S) designation on all-season tires is based on tread design.
  • Severe snow rating in winter tires is based on performance testing.

Basically, all-season tires are seen as a compromise as they perform well under a wide range of conditions, but they are not designed specifically for any one condition.

Once the temperature drops to 7°C and below, all-season tires harden and lose their ability to grip pavement effectively, whereas winter tires don’t lose their elasticity until -35°C.

Winter tires also have an aggressive tread design that provide better grip while pushing away snow and slush, which allows for more braking and better vehicle handling.


DRIVING FORCE Langley Celebrates Grand Opening!

DRIVING FORCE President and Founder Jeff Polovick (centre) performs the ribbon cutting ceremony with Deputy Mayor Bob Long (left) and Hon. Rich Coleman, MLA (right).

Our DRIVING FORCE Langley branch celebrated the grand opening of its new facility on October 30th with 170 guests. The 10,000 square foot facility provides vehicle rental, sales and leasing services for commercial, industrial and private customers in the Greater Vancouver area.

Amongst the guests were Hon. Rich Coleman, MLA, Deputy Mayor Bob Long, Walnut Grove Business Association Board Member Ron Knight and DRIVING FORCE Founder and President Jeff Polovick.

The event included an official ribbon cutting ceremony and entertainment by singer, songwriter and founder of the band Fosterchild, Jim Foster, and Canada’s premier Close-Up Comedy Magician, Rod Boss. Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce President Kristine Simpson also welcomed DRIVING FORCE to the community.

A donation in the amount of $1,500.00 was made to the Langley Food Bank as part of a DRIVING FORCE corporate responsibility initiative which sees funds invested in worthwhile community projects in lieu of serving alcohol at corporate events.

DRIVING FORCE is located at 9522 – 200 Street and is open 7:30 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday.

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