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DRIVING FORCE is growing and we are looking for amazing people to add to our team.

Are you looking to pursue a career in the Canadian automotive industry? DRIVING FORCE could be your next employer!

With locations from coast to coast, including Edmonton, Leduc, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Saskatoon, Guelph, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Fort St. John, Vancouver (Langley), Terrace, Whitehorse, Iqaluit and Inuvik, DRIVING FORCE offers a fun and professional work environment in the vehicle rentals, sales and leasing industry.

We work together to uphold our DRIVING FORCE philosophy of exceeding customer expectations and our four core values: Commitment, Integrity, Respect and Passion.

Some current employment opportunities are:


For a complete list of current DRIVING FORCE job postings, a video about our company, and how to apply, check out our Careers page.

Rev’n U: Earn $100 for You or Your Favourite Charity!

DRIVING FORCE Sales Consultant Felix Robitaille (right) presents Geoff Callahan with a $100 cheque for referring a new customer to DRIVING FORCE.

With our Rev’n U customer referral program, you can earn cash for yourself or your favourite charity/non-profit organization. Go to and sign up today.

Once you have registered online, simply fill in the information about the individual(s) you are referring. If they purchase or lease a vehicle from DRIVING FORCE within six months, you will receive a $100 cheque for you or your favourite charity!

Earn cash for your son’s hockey team, your daughter’s gymnastics club or any other non-profit organization you choose. Our charitable donation option makes it easy for you to give to your favourite cause and get recognized for your contribution.

It pays to be a DRIVING FORCE customer.


Keep Our Roads Safe!

Distracted driving continues to be a serious issue across the world with more and more car accidents being caused by distracted drivers.

When you drive distracted, you are not only putting yourself in jeopardy but everyone else who’s on the road with you. No phone call, text or email is worth putting your life and the lives of others at risk.

Need to respond to a call or text? Pull over to answer.

Feeling hungry? Pull over to have a snack.

The main way to refrain from distracted driving is to hide all items that may distract you and to be prepared for your drive.

Will you be using your GPS? Program your route before you hit the road.

Keep our roads safe. Don’t drive distracted.

For a full breakdown of distracted driving laws in Canada and to read more about the specific law for your province, click here.

Driving With Pets!

Whether you’re going on a road trip or moving, travelling in a car with your pet requires some preparation.

1) Get Your Pet Ready

Chances are you have taken your pet to the veterinarian before, which means you already know how they behave in your vehicle. If you know your pet suffers from anxiety and/or motion sickness in the car, speak to your vet about appropriate medications. If your pet has never been in the car or if this road trip will be a lot longer than he or she has experienced, it’s a good idea to take some short trips with them beforehand.

Ensure all vaccinations are up to date and that your pet will be wearing its ID tags in case it manages to escape during the trip. Having a recent photo of your pet handy is also a good precaution in case your pet becomes lost.

2) Secure Your Pet

Your pet shouldn’t roam freely inside the vehicle as it will become a distraction for the driver and pose a safety concern if there is a sudden stop. Decide ahead of time whether you will be putting your pet in a carrier, crate or harness. Most cats and small dogs feel safer if they travel in a small carrier. Leave the carrier out around your house a week before your trip so that they become familiar with it. The same goes for a crate and harness for bigger dogs. If your pet has never been harnessed in, try it out on short trips first to hopefully ease some anxiety.

Have your pet sit in the backseat to keep it safe from airbags. Pets should not be exposed in any way to flying debris, which means they should be secured in a carrier, crate or harness with some mobility but not enough to stick their heads out the window or run around. Pets should never roam free in the bed of a truck either.

3) Create a Pet Travel Kit

Your pet travel kit should include: water/portable water bowl, food/treats, toys, blanket/pillow, leash, litter box with litter for cats, pooper scooper, pet’s health records, any medications, plastic bags and cleaning supplies.

4) Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Some pets may fall asleep during the ride but others may be very restless. Make sure you stop often to let your pet take a break to walk around, get fresh air, eat, relieve itself and burn off excess energy. It’s recommended to never feed a pet in a moving vehicle so give them food during breaks and allow them enough time to digest. Put your pet on a leash before you let them out of the vehicle as you never know what it might do when in an unfamiliar area. Never leave your pets alone inside a vehicle for long periods of time or for even a few minutes in hot or cold weather.


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